How to train your pet – Level Dinosaur

Rexi just learned ‚Peng‘. #cute <3

1. Let your dino lay down

2. Take a treat e.g. a goat or if your dino is vegetarian use some cabbage and move it above across its head, watch it fall over and give it the treat. Do this 10 times. It might be good having a heard or field of „treats“ though.

3. Repeat step 2 but this time say „peng“ when your dino falls over.

4. Train this in different situations, e.g while waiting for the lights to turn green or at the train station. Especially at a train station this can be fun when kids are afraid of your dino. They loose all the fear when they see you „shooting“ your dino. I still have to teach Rexi to not eat children though. -.-