What is Möhrchendise?

I guess everybody who speaks german might get the intended pun on this sites name?
For everybody else:  A ‚Möhrchen‘ is the minimisation of ‚Möhre‘ which means carrot in german and obviously is my logo. So a good friend of mine, 13ella (speak: Bella),  once made a joke saying I should make merchendise just to be able to sell möhrchendise. And finally I did and you can get those awesome diy-shiny-artsy-thingys. 😀

Mossarium – Suiseki in a jar

So I did make a couple of Mossaraiums. As you are probably already aware it’s a combination of the word moss and terrarium. The specialty with mine is that I’ve put a nice looking stone in. So it also has a touch of Suiseki, even though I lack a stonesaw/-cutter, and the probably also are fit to be eternal terrariums but I prefer the possibility to add some water if needed or do some maintenance like cleaning or pruning.
Those ones I bring occasionally to the market are already well established as they are at least 6 month old and shouldn’t die of. If they do feel free to contact me. 🙂

Here’s a mashup pic with some of them. Sorry for the shi**y mobile phone pictures but I’m not photographer. 😉

Shiny (some) in the dark glowing Jewelry

The other thing I do is handcrafting jewelry from wood and resin. Some of the wood is upcycled and some is bought elsewhere because I thought it might look nice. Every piece takes 3-5 hours of grinding and polishing until it is scratch free and crystalclear. Oh…and most of them have a glow in the dark feature.     \_*o*_/  -„Wooohaaa“

Here’re some impressions……and I know …..I need some kind of photobox for more shiny pictures. 😉

What’s next?

And last but not least there will be wearables with a print on them that I came up with because I misread a tattoo on somebody crossing the street….but you’ll have to be patient.